Hi, I’m Trish

I’ve been marketing for nearly two decades.
Lead generation is my jam!

So why should you hear me out? 

I’m really good at marketing. Seriously you don’t want dance lessons from me, but service-based business marketing, I have on lock. I’m also notoriously straightforward, quick to laugh, and I like to make people feel comfortable. Just a no-nonsense, results-focused digital marketing expert who is intent on helping you grow, make more money, and love your clients. No seriously. LOVE YOUR CLIENTS! Bonus, they will love you too. No more dreading when they call or endless “do you mind…” requests.

Graduating with honors from Georgian Court University with a degree in English/Psychology <stretch> with minors in Business, Spanish and Philosophy <yawn> and a graduate of the internationally recognized Goldman Sachs 10ks program <snooze>, I’m also the co-founder of GoBeyond SEO …are you still with me? 



GMCYL will give you the confidence to stand your ground, ask for what you want, and finally generate consistent, scalable revenue with clients who won’t leave you feeling trapped. Confidence is compelling. Take an empowered and lucrative leap from trading your soul and skills for money to giving yourself the freedom to do your best work with clients you love!

Is this Program Right for You?

Not all humans fit well together, and that’s ok. The important thing is to find a mentor who best fits your needs at this point in your business. Would we be a good fit? I hope so! Let me help you decide …


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